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   Template editor (Add-on module)

The template editor allows you to create drill templates and practice plan headers exactly the way you want them.

This add-on to the main DrillDraw program contains all the features that you need to create your own drill templates and practice plan headers.
  • Very easy to use
  • Offers a lot of flexibility and unlimited possibilities.
  • Allows you to create unique drill templates specific to your needs.
  • Create practice plan templates that contain all the information necessary for your archives.

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All the components (or objects) used in drill templates or practice headers are available.
You can use as many as you want in the same template; multiple playing surfaces, description text boxes, key points, grids (table) etc.... (Except for the header logos which are limited to two per header)

Create templates and practice plan headers of any size. Use one of the standard sizes or create a special one.

You have a number of options available for each template elements including the dimension, the background color, text color and font, text alignment etc..

Text boxes can also contain multiple lines of text.
Select a border and/or an underline.


Not only can you add multiple playing surfaces to the same template, you can also select between a horizontal or vertical orientation of the playing surface.
It is also possible to "zoom" a part of the playing surface and to exactly control it's location and dimension.

Exporting templates:

Templates created can be saved in your local template bank or can easily be exported and shared with other DrillDraw users.

Create specific templates for each sport or templates that can be used with every sport, it's up to you.

When you start a new drill, DrillDraw automatically shows only the templates assigned to the current default sport.



Purchasing Procedure:

You can purchase an add-on module at the same time as you purchase the main program or you can purchase it any time after.

To purchase an add-on module after you already have purchased the main program go to the purchasing page and select the type of licence that you already have ( 12 months or permanent).
- Then select the add-on module that you want to add under the "Additional modules" section of the purchasing form.
- Enter your DrillDraw access code at the buttom of the form.
- Click on the purchasing button to proceed with the purchase.

Click here to buy the Template editor add-on now!

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